echo island

Echo Island, Ontario (Rainy Lake Conservancy)

Echo Island is small, but its permanent protection is big news in Ontario’s conservation community. The pioneering gift of a conservation easement over the island is likely to have a ripple effect throughout the Province and the Great Lakes region. The gift is the first known instance where an American donor gave an easement over property in Ontario to a US land trust.

The Philadelphia family that owns Echo Island donated the easement to American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts (“American Friends”). American Friends mission is protecting Canada’s natural heritage. The owners are committed to keeping Echo Island in its current, relatively undeveloped condition. Three generations have treasured Echo Island’s forest, shoreline and simple cabin over the last 50 years.

American Friends accomplishes its mission through partnerships with Canadian conservation entities, such as the Rainy Lake Conservancy which facilitated this innovative gift, and US taxpayers who own priority conservation lands in Canada. Conservancy leaders and the members of the family that donated the easement are aware that this transaction is a milestone in “cross-border conservation” – the term for donations of ecologically significant Canadian land by US taxpayers. They hope protection of Echo Island will inspire other American landowners and Ontario conservation organizations to take similar action to preserve the Province’s special environments.

The Conservancy works to protect the flora, fauna, water quality and scenic character of Rainy Lake which are so important to the local economy and indigenous communities of the area. Echo Island is one of nearly two thousand scattered throughout the 345 square mile (890 km2) lake straddling the border of Minnesota and Ontario. Voyageurs National Park is located on the southeastern corner of the lake on the US side of the Lake. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is also within the Rainy Lake watershed as is the Quetico Provincial Park on the Canadian side.

Although the Echo Island easement is a first for Ontario, American Friends already holds easements in Nova Scotia and British Columbia that were also donated by American. In addition, in the less than four years since American Friends obtained the required tax status in Canada, it has received nine remarkable fee title gifts located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Manitoba.

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