Canadian conservation organizations and government entities that work with American landowners and donors will benefit from becoming Grantees of American Friends.  Don’t wait until your organization has a significant donation hanging in the balance! For more information see our Overview for Conservation Organizations.

Grantees are making an investment in cross-border conservation and demonstrating to funders that it is important.  Apply today. Below you will find the application form and additional instructions:

How your organization can apply to become a Grantee:

      • Complete a grantee application form
      • Submit the required documentation outlined in the application form and checklist
      • Include the grantee application fee payable in US funds – $350 for cash grants (General Support only), $500 for grants of land/easements (Conservation Land only) or $800  for both

Send your completed package to:

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts
702 Kentucky Street
Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

Or electronically to

Call or email if you have questions or need assistance with the application. (360) 515-7171 or

An annual renewal fee is required to maintain your Grantee status ($150 US for General Support, $250 US for Conservation Land or $300 US for both programs).