Thousand Island Watershed Land Trust

TIWLT evolved in 2007 from an earlier organization called The Canadian Thousand Islands Heritage Conservancy (CTIHC). CTIHC was formed in 1993 by a group of local citizens concerned with preservation of land and cultural heritage values in the Canadian St. Lawrence River valley, generally between Brockville and Gananoque Ontario.

TIWLT pursues its mission to “permanently protect land in the Thousand Islands watershed region through acquisition or conservation agreements, and to achieve good land management through stewardship agreements and education” through a number of mechanisms. In addition to Conservation Agreements (legal covenants between landowners and a Land Trust that define downstream preservation of land conservation values), donation agreements (transfer of ownership to the Land Trust) and land purchases for transfer to third-party stewards such as national or provincial parks, TIWLT acts as a broker to facilitate the transfer of lands from private to public ownership in cases where this can result in the preservation of appropriate land conservation values.

President: Dann Michels,
Treasurer: Joy Strachan,
19 Reynolds, Lansdowne, Ontario M4P 1L0  (613) 659-4824