Land Donation Forms

Cross-border conservation transactions are complex and require the assistance of specialized tax and legal counsel. American Friends looks to its Canadian partners for their on-the-ground expertise and their relationships with donors. We work closely with our partners, donors and their advisors to ensure a smooth transaction. As described in the Conservation Lands Program Overview there are three phases involved in completing a donation, after a land trust is approved as a Grantee of American Friends. Documents associated with all of the phases of a land donation are included in the Application Package and Checklists.

American Friends accepts gifts of land and conservation easements to protect ecologically significant Canadian properties. Each province has its own unique requirements associated with conservation easements and the donation must also follow IRS guidelines in order for it to be tax deductible in the US.

A team of attorneys and conservation professionals created a template cross border conservation easement to inform and educate land trusts, donors and their advisors about one of the fundamental documents. It should be viewed as a starting point for a customized document appropriate for the specific property, the province in which it is located, and the donors’ interests and circumstances. Donors should consult with their own attorney and accountant to assess their circumstances and this template.

Please contact us for the most recent updates and modifications for cross-border conservation easement gifts in Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia, where American Friends and its partners have completed easement transactions.

Please contact us for current versions and provincial adaptations.