American Friends underwrites its conservation of priority natural landscapes with fees it receives for its services. When one realizes the unique expertise and capabilities of American Friends it is clear that these fees are very reasonable. Donors benefit from both American Friends’ singular and specialized experience, and the substantial financial incentives associated with their land and easement gifts.

The fees are payable in four installments, as detailed below, as the transaction progresses through the three phases of the donation to American Friends.

Gifts of land generally are simpler and require less time and expense to complete as compared to conservation easements. Therefore the fees for land donations are lower.

  • Land donations – Fees total $10,000
  • Easement donations – Fees total $15,000

The total fee is divided to reflect the relative amount of time and expense involved with each stage of a donation.

Phase I: 20% of total, due with completed application

Phase II: 50% of total, in two installments:

  • 25% upon submission at the beginning of Phase II, together with the draft agreement between American Friends and the Grantee
  • 25% upon execution of the final agreement

Phase III: 30%, due prior to closing

The donor, the land trust or another party may pay the fees associated with a transaction.

We recognize and appreciate that our land trust partners and donors have other, often considerable, costs associated with these transactions. Furthermore, not every donor will be able to benefit from tax deductions or has property of significant monetary value. Accordingly, American Friends’ will consider individual requests for fee reductions on a case by case basis.

Please contact us for detailed information about the land and easement donation process and costs.