Donating Land or a Conservation Easement

The core of American Friends’ mission is permanent preservation of ecologically significant land in Canada that is owned by US taxpayers. The organization was created to remove the legal and financial barriers that had long prevented Americans from protecting property they owned in Canada.

As a publicly supported 501(c)(3) US charitable organization and Prescribed Donee under the Canadian Income Tax Act regulations, American Friends is able to provide U.S donors with both a US income tax benefit  and relief from Canadian capital gains tax, as well as the satisfaction of creating a conservation legacy.

American Friends is the only entity with the extensive expertise and experience required to efficiently and properly manage cross-border land conservation projects. We work closely with Canadian conservation partners, American landowners and their professional advisors to address the very specific tax and charitable law requirements and procedures on both sides of the border.

Our Fact Sheet for Donors and Fact Sheet for Advisors provide general information about the requirements associated with cross-border charitable gifts of land and easements. The information in these Fact Sheets is relevant for landowners who may wish to donate their conservation property directly to a Canadian entity, or to American Friends.

Additional information on the process of donating land or a conservation easement to American Friends can be found in the Conservation Lands Program Overview. Detailed descriptions of the donation process and template forms are in the Cross-Border Conservation section of this website.

American Friends’ Program Coordinator, Sandra Tassel, is available to answer your questions, discuss your property or refer you to other professionals who can be of assistance. 360-515-7171 or